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Wagyu Cattle Registry is composed of breeders, owners and other individual who have an interest in breeding and raising Wagyu cattle.  Wagyu Cattle Registry works with its members and offers programs and services to enhance and promote the ownership of Wagyu cattle.  

By joining Wagyu Cattle Registry, you will be joining other resourceful and forward-thinking breeders, sharing ideas, implementing programs and opening marketing opportunities to keep moving the breed forward.

Becoming a member is as easy as completing an application. Wagyu Cattle Registry memberships are available on an annual basis (January 1 to December 31).  To become a member, download and complete the application from the link to the right, or contact us at 816-738-4179.

Membership does make a difference

Add Value to your animals

By registering your Wagyu animals it creates and provides income opportunities that otherwise would not be available.  Registered and identified cattle with documented information have more value than un-identified animals.

Reduced Fees for Members

When you join the Wagyu Cattle Registry, as a member you will pay lower fees for registering your animals and other services than non-members. 

Membership is open to

      • North American (breeders, owners or others interested in the Wagyu breed)
      • International  (breeders, owners or others interested in the Wagyu breed)
      • Junior members (under 21 years of age).
      • Associate Breeder ( for those with religious beliefs prohibiting memberships ) 


For the year 2020 since we are starting in the middle of the year, memberships ONLY for 2020 will be reduced!

  • North American Membership......$15
  • International Membership...........$15
  • Associate Breeder......................$15
  • Junior Member (under 21)..........$10

Annual Rates
Membership year is from
January 1 - December 31)

  • North American Membership......$25
  • International Membership...........$25
  • Associate Breeder......................$25
  • Junior Member (under 21)..........$15


These applications are in Adobe PDF.  You will need Adobe Reader to be able to open them.

Membership Application

Please enclose the Fee Schedule and Order Form along with your payment. We do accept credit card payments with Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express with a 4% courtesy fee. You may call with your credit card information.

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